a week of miracles

This week, I have personally witnessed several events that I would classify as miracles. I would loosely define miracles as “things that God does that no human can do.” My good friend Jeff experienced some very serious health issues which threatened his life. His life was spared and he is recovering from his crisis. Because I was able to be present with the family during some of the process, I was able to witness what the doctors said as well as watch, one by one, as God addressed Jeff’s specific needs. It has been a while since I have seen this kind of faith in action. His family stood by his side and prayed. His church family prayed diligently. And word spread literally around the world and people prayed for Him. Prayer works.

Jeff has a long way to go to be fully recovered so I ask you to keep praying for him. It is an awesome thing to see God is action on behalf of His children.

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