it’s ok if they don’t like you

If you are going to lead, and do a decent job at it, there will be times when you make decisions that other people do not like. This is part of leadership. You have to get comfortable with the idea that some people will not like you when you don’t make them happy. They will complain about it. They will talk about you behind your back. They will accuse you of all kinds of evil stuff. And you have to be OK with that.

This is nothing new. A quick study of the life of Moses (one of the toughest leadership assignments ever!) will tell you that good leaders will not always win the popularity contest. His followers murmured against him and even wanted to kill him! And all he had done is obey God.

Let me encourage you. If you are doing the right thing, obeying God and serving with integrity, don’t let a little whining discourage you. In fact, if there aren’t a couple of temper tantrums from time to time, thrown by your followers, you may not be accomplishing all that you can. It is also very likely that some of your followers will walk away from you because of the decisions you make (that hopefully are for their good). Once again, this is part of being a leader.

Hang in there, leader! Some of Jesus’ followers didn’t like Him either!

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