when does Jesus give up on us?

The following connects with part three of Tough Guys of the Bible, a current teaching series at Maranatha Church.

When do you write a person off?
How many chances does one get?
If an individual continues to live a life of failure, can we afford to keep providing another opportunity?

The story of Simon Peter in the Bible is an amazing one. Through most of his public life, he is the epitome of impulsive living and quickly spoken but soon broken promises.

It would have been easy for Jesus to quit:
Peter talked too much.
He was a hot head.
He misrepresented the kingdom of Christ.
And worst of all, Peter denied knowing Jesus when Jesus really could have used a friend.

But Jesus must have seen something in Peter that caused Him to keep working with him. He saw something of value, something that could be redeemed and could make a massive difference in the lives of millions of Christ-followers for generations to come. Jesus understood that what was happening in Peter’s life was a huge test. The devil was trying to shred Peter. But Jesus also knew that, in the end, Peter would win. So He kept working with him.

I’m glad he did. It gives me a little more hope for myself and others like me. When we don’t “get it” the first time around, or forty seventh or ninety third, God doesn’t quit.

So how many chances do we get?
I guess it all depends on what Christ sees in us as it relates to potential.
For our sakes, I hope He sees something good in us, I hope He doesn’t give up on us. I don’t think He will any time soon.

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