she’s home!

Many of you have prayed for Sarai, a little girl who, three months ago, was removed by her drug addicted father from Casa Shalom orphanage in Guatemala. Thank God, she was returned to the home late last night. Understand, this was a matter of life and death for this precious little one. God spared her. Let’s now pray that she will not suffer long-term results of the ordeal she has been through over the past few months.

One Reply to “she’s home!”

  1. When I went to casa shalom in April 2014, with Christian Heritage Academy, I met that wonderful little girl.she showed me that even though she went through hard things she was such a happy girl. When I was about to leave she gave me a big hug and said “adios amiga”. I am so glad I met her and everybody else there. They real showed me how much love those kids need. I would totally love to come and stay longer there with them next time. Thank you guys for the best memory of my life , I will never for get that trip

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