a veteran team

We met this evening with our missions team that will be going to Guatemala for a Thanksgiving trip. For the first time, we will be working with a complete team of experienced short-term missionaries. All of the participants have been to Guatemala before. It is amazing how much simpler it is to prepare a group trip if everyone involved knows the ropes. On every other previous trip we have led, we spent up to six weeks in training the individuals, getting them ready for the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges they would be facing. This training has resulted in some incredibly successful trips. This time around, we are able to simply deal with specific situations we will be facing on this particular trip. Way easier!

I am really looking forward to working alongside this team. More details about the trip are forthcoming. As we prepare, please pray for the team: Janice, Duane, Kelly, Meg, Than, Megan, Letha and me. Also pray for those we will be serving – the beautiful children of Guatemala.

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