quick hits

Below are a few highlights from today’s message, part two of “The Fresh Prince of Egypt”. The audio will be up on our website in a day or two.

Simply because God gives you something to do doesn’t mean that it will be easy.

“Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks about you.” (Todd Rhodes)

At what level of obedience are we operating?
-At the level of personal comfort.
-At the level of moderate sacrifice.
-At the level of giving it all if required.

Sometimes our emotions get rocked, but our emotions are not God’s top priority.
His top priority is that His plan is fulfilled.

God wants His people free from any and all bondages!

4 major points of the message…
When God selects us, we need to lay down every excuse.
Obedience in not always easy but it is ultimately rewarded.
God is sending a message to us: “I want you to be free!”
God is sending a message through us (to others): “Be free!”

We have a choice; Fade away in a life filled with meaningless activity or engage in the most awesome activity known to humankind; kingdom work.

Can’t wait for nest Sunday for the wrap up. Join us.

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