Letha and I went to see the movie 2012 tonight. It was pretty entertaining if you don’t mind hyper-special effects and some average acting. The plot is fairly predictable that details the end of the world on 12.21.12. I was able to pick up on some more meaningful themes. There was the basic greed and selfishness, when a bunch of big shots only want to save themselves. But there was also the idea of sacrifice when the hero risked his life to save several thousand people. Actually, there are a couple of hero figures in the movie who are inspiring.

I guess I recommend it if you are not looking for realism. It was a nice night out for my wife and I.

On a strange note, just before the movie started, two middle aged couples almost got into a fist fight over seats. One guy saved his seats with his cane and left to get his wife (don’t ask me why he needed a cane if he could go and get his wife and leave it in his seat). Another guy came in, thought the cane was left from a previous movie and moved it. The first couple came back in and the yelling started. Several “F bombs” and racial slurs later, theater security came in to calm them down. They sat through the rest of the evening with no further issue. While they were fighting, there were literally a couple of hundred seats available all over the theater. I left thinking about how stupid people can be.

I’ll be surprised if the world makes it until 2012 with human beings in charge.

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