a proclamation!

This morning, I presented an “Official Christmas 2009 Proclamation” that went over pretty well. One friend ask me to include it on my blog, so here it is:

Whereby Christmas in recent years has become increasingly more stressful than Christmases of old.
And whereby the average person spends more money that they posses or can possibly hope to pay back in a timely fashion.
And whereby most people spend entirely too much time at the mall and in department stores.
And whereby the resulting guilt and pressure creates a variety of stresses on individuals and families.
Be it therefore resolved that we are reassuming control of Christmas!
Be it further resolved that we won’t succumb to the stress of the season!
We won’t fall into the trap of rushing around shopping, spending money we don’t have, buying gifts no one wants or needs.
Furthermore, we will refuse to allow this holy season to get ruined by Christmas stress.
We won’t get robbed of the simple joy of celebrating Jesus!
Be it stated that on this date, December 6, 2009, we resolve to take back Christmas from those who stole it from us.
We hereby declare that Christmas 2009 will be known as a Simple Christmas!

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