our Christmas wish list(s)

Going into this year’s Christmas message series, Simply Christmas, we decided to provide the opportunity for people to submit prayer requests in the form of cards that were placed in a gift box on the stage. At some point in all of our holiday services, we included prayer time for the needs that were represented.

It is touching to read the cards that are placed in the box. I think partly because I have been trying to encourage people to be insightful when completing the cards and partly because there are lots of serious needs in our community, the “wishes” are pretty poignant. Of course, there are usual needs that are represented, but I am moved by the number of people who asked for the salvation of family members, for families to be healed, and for hope and peace in our troubled world.

I heard this morning about a few needs that have already been addressed by God. One man directly attributes to prayer the fact that he got a job one week after placing his request in the box. Another guy told me that a family he has been praying for was in our worship service this morning. These are only two examples of the things that are happening among us right now.

I am pretty excited to see and hear more stories. With the hundreds of cards and thousands of needs, this is a great opportunity for God to do some awesome things. I am continuing to pray for the needs. I believe that God will continue to answer and help His people that are in need.

Christmas is the season for miracles!

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