struggling with a long-time hobby

This is tough but I am admitting to a struggle that has developed in the last few months and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the time being.

If you know me at all, you know I am a long-time St. Louis Cardinals Baseball fan. I grew up a short distance from the old Busch Stadium and, when I could afford the couple of bucks, I would go down to see the games. I have followed the Cardinals wherever I have lived. A special benefit of living in Palm Beach County is that the Cardinals conduct Spring Training about 5 miles from my house – thanks, God!

So here’s the rub: I am having a hard time paying so much money to watch these guys play ball. It is a strange combination of several things: how much money they make; how loyal Cardinals fans are as opposed to most of the players (who are obviously in it for the money); how many needy people could be helped with the resources that are being blown on sports, and so on…

I think the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was the contract that Matt Holliday signed today – seven years, 120 million dollars. It took him several weeks to decide if he wanted to play for that kind of chump change. I would have been frustrated if he had refused, but I am frustrated at the Cardinals for giving him that much money. I realize that this scenario could only end with me being upset, but so be it.

The Cardinals had to sign him because they need to win in order to put people in the seats so the Cardinals can make money so they can give it all to superstar ball players so they can win…

The last few years, we have purchased season tickets for Spring Training and we have subscribed to a Major League Baseball package on our cable TV network so we could watch the regular season games. I would honestly hate to add up how much money and, just as frustrating, how many hours I have spent on baseball the last five years.

So, I am seriously considering fasting from Cardinals baseball…well at least limiting it to the occasional free game on TV. I said I am considering it. Please, I don’t need any of you pointing out the error of my way if I fall off the wagon.

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