a few personal details

I would appreciate prayers for my little 5 month old niece that is undergoing serious heart surgery on Tuesday morning. Leigha Rose was born with some malfunctions and the doctors are hopeful that she can live a healthy life if the issues are corrected now. She is in St. Louis. Thanks for the prayer for her and for her parents, Jake and Kayla.

Our daughter Jessica is with us this week. She and her husband Josh are in the States for a few weeks taking a break from their missionary work in Guatemala. We are having a good time just hanging out and sharing life for a few days. They go back to Casa Shalom on Saturday. Also keep them in your prayers.

I have been going to the gym the last few weeks. I am in “training mode” for a trip that Jessica and I plan to make this Spring. We plan to hike the Inca Trail in Peru. Due to the length of the hike and especially the high altitude, I need to get into shape. I don’t enjoy the gym, I really dislike hundreds of sweaty people congregated in one underventilated room, but I need the workout.

I started my 21 day fast this week. The item of choice for me to give up is sleep, one hour per day. I am setting my alarm to wake up early and spending much-needed time with God. This is my spiritual-recalibration. I hope to realign myself with God. It is so easy to get sidetracked. Consider joining me on the journey.

I referred back to my post on December 18 regarding some personal goals that I have set for the new year. Of the three that I mentioned, one is currently being addressed (Rosetta Stone Spanish). The other two are still on the docket; the plan is to get to them within a few weeks. So far, so good for 2010.

Happy Monday and have a great week.


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