a productive week, already

This appears a bit like a daily news report:

This has already been and will continue to be an interesting week for us. We have been wrapped up in our efforts to help Haiti (if you are getting tired of hearing about this, you may want to try a different blog). Things are going well, we are collecting lots of food and medical supplies to put in a 40 foot long container and ship to Haiti. Our volunteers are outrageous! Over 40 people signed up to help and 25 have worked already this week. This is one huge project and we would appreciate everyone helping us to spread the word. By the way, non-perishable food is really needed, and in huge quantities. If you do not live near Maranatha Church, you may send a tax-deductible gift. This money will be used to buy supplies. A $50 donation will buy 50 pounds of rice AND beans. For specific details check: wecanshareit.org.

I am preparing for a great opportunity to do some leadership training at another church this week. My friend, Clayton Watson, is the Lead Pastor at The Sanctuary church in DeLand, Florida. He asked me several months ago to come up and take his leaders through a leadership development process. We hope to meet with about 60-80 people. It is an honor to be trusted enough to be asked to invest in local leaders. Thanks, Clay.

We lost one of the founding members of our church this week. 91 year old Vonice Pinder passed away and her memorial service is on Saturday. This woman truly was a pioneer and our church owes a debt of gratitude to her and her family. They had enough foresight to start a church in Northern Palm Beach County when there really wasn’t much going on around here – way back in 1967. Thanks in part to their vision, we are a thriving church today. Vonice, enjoy heaven!

I lost a former brother-in-law this week. My sister’s former husband passed away, unexpectedly, in his sleep. I haven’t been around him for many years, but when I was a little kid, he was a pretty major influence in my life. He was a good man, lived a rough life, but gave his life to Christ before his passing. My prayers are with his family, especially my three nieces; Dana, Daneen and Dawna. I love you guys!

Our fast continues. We are part of the worldwide effort know as The Awakening. This is day 10 of 21 and the reports are very encouraging. I believe that our percentage of involvement is excellent and people are sincere in their efforts to grow close to God. Good things are bound to happen.

And that’s today’s news. Join us again at 10 for live updates, weather and sports!

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