rockin’ volunteers

I want to give a quick summary of the incredible volunteers who are serving during our help for Haiti project. We have had up to 100 different people be involved in one way or another in collecting and packing survival supplies. We are loading a 40 foot trailer which will be shipped to Port au Prince via World Harvest Mission. People have been working for nearly two weeks now. The progress is phenomenal. I would estimate that the trailer is 2/3 full at this point! We are hoping for more supplies, more donations of cash and more volunteers to wrap up this project within a week.

Specifically, last night, we had a diverse group working:
A young mom with a 22 month old baby – the baby also worked, putting cans in the boxes!
A 67 year old man and his wife who were on vacation from up North. They worked for hours and went straight to the airport from here to fly home.
Several member of Emerge Youth Group came and worked like crazy.
One woman and her little boy worked all day and most of the night, her husband joined them after working a ten hour shift at his job.
A professional baseball player worked.
A man with addiction issues helped.
A man with special needs helped.
People who have been at Maranatha Church their entire lives helped, people who have been at the church for a couple of weeks helped.
A grandmother worked most of the day, then in the evening she brought her young teen grandson by to work for “an hour”. Three hours later, after he had loaded hundreds of boxes on the trailer, they went home.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of people that are making a difference in Haiti. They have caught the vision and are running with it. God is using them.

If you are near Palm Beach Gardens and have some spare hours that you can give, we are on again for Wednesday, beginning around 1:00 and going until we are finished. If we don’t finish, Emerge has again committed to work that night, beginning at 7:00.

If you live out of the area, we could really use more financial contributions. You can check out all the details on (our outreach website).

Thanks so much! God bless you and God bless the people of Haiti!

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