the nearness

Our current teaching series at Maranatha Church, “The Nearness”, continues on Sunday. I hope everyone has enjoyed the challenges that have been issued regarding our opinions of and participation in worship. The whole idea is that God has promised to be among us when we meet together and He expects some type of response from us. What response is appropriate?

This week, we will look at two stories in the New Testament that tell the story of worship. John 12:1-8 gives the details of how Mary worshiped Jesus by pouring expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus. Judas complained about it because he was a thief. But Mary knew that Jesus was worthy of this offering and so much more. Mark 5:1-6 tells the story of the demon-possessed man who came to Christ. One detail is that, when the man saw Jesus, he ran to him and fell at his feet. I think the guy was surrendering in worship.

The three major points that I hope to make about these two characters are: they knew who Jesus was; they knew themselves; and they totally surrendered to Christ. The result was true worship. I am hoping that we can make the connection for ourselves and also resolve ourselves to be true worshipers of Christ. I also hope that this teaching can assist us as we take our corporate worship to the next level.

If you are at one of our worship services or if you listen online, let me know what you think.

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  1. …..they knew who Jesus was; they knew themselves; and they totally surrendered to Christ.I personally deal with knowing myself, Jesus knows me. But do I realize all that He has in store for me? How to hold back, give more, be wise, care, find the me that God wants out of me. You've planted a seed for those that are listening, you really have.

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