palm sunday

OK, I rethought my last post. I was determined to keep my eyes on the immediate project, our outreach efforts to the children of Peru. But with the arrival of Palm Sunday and Holy Week tomorrow, we have to put first things first.

Passover begin at sundown on Monday. The week of Passion will be upon us. The greatest need of humankind will be met by the Sinless One. The emotions of this week, for those who take time to look closely enough, will take us for a ride.

Palm Sunday, although the beginning of the “end” for Jesus, is a day of great triumph. Jesus will overcome! He will complete His task of being the Savior of the world. And we have reason to celebrate!

Palm Sunday at Maranatha will feature a message from the Gospel of Matthew 21:1-11. Read it thoroughly. We will discuss the ironies of the events of that day. And in the end, we will rejoice with others at the plan of salvation that God has brought about.

God awaken us to your love, your life, your salvation!

Salvation is now!

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