sticky relationships

I know they are all important, but this Sunday’s message is pushing its way onto the urgent list in my soul. It is about relationships. And we are terrible at them. In fact, bad relationships are the number one problem for most people I know. It is difficult to even have a conversation over 60 seconds in length without someone bringing up the fact that their spouse or kid or boss or neighbor or friend is driving them nuts. Weekly, I talk with people who are ending their marriage, leaving their church, quitting their job or estranging themselves from their family. It is a big problem. And God has answers.

“Sticky Relationships” is a title I tweaked from a book entitled “Sticky Church”, written by Larry Osborne. Although the book is about how churches can help people to stick with them, my message is not based on principles taught in the book. I just borrowed the title (and look of the cover) because it seemed an appropriate way to describe the theme. It is more palatable than “You Had Better Be Deeply Committed to Your Family and Friends”, even though that is my point.

Help me spread the word about this message. By the way, I am using a pretty crazy creative element in the services at the Palm Beach Gardens campus. A bit risky. Maybe even bordering on improper – sounds like fun, huh? Here’s a hint – it has something to do with Velcro.

My prayer: “God, help us to love like You love.”

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