close to home

We drove across the state today to assist with the funeral of the father of a friend. As we traveled through the small towns across the Everglades, I was once again disturbed to see the living condition of so many people. The poverty of the people living in these areas is remarkable. It is especially so when you consider that many of these areas are in rural Palm Beach County, an area known more for affluence. Within a 30 minute drive from the Island of Palm Beach, families are living in squalor. We saw housing conditions that simply should not be in the United States.

I am again reminded that there is much work to be done right in our own back yard. We are now asking what we can do to offer assistance to some of these people.

One way I like to express our mission: making the love of God obvious.

Any thoughts?

One Reply to “close to home”

  1. Some just dont know any better and share love amongst themselves. They aren't as miserable as we see them. Others that lack essentials, I agree, I wish there was more we could do.

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