vision and risk

During this morning’s staff meeting at Maranatha, I was able to share some ideas about the future with the people we work with. Some of the things I talked about are a bit “out there” in that, if they take place, it will require a lot of faith and a handful of miracles. I am glad to say, our team is united and there was not one ounce of skepticism on display.

One of the more difficult parts of expressing vision is the risk that those to whom you are speaking will not “buy in”. We generally feel our way through these conversations, looking for some kind of affirmation that they are tracking with you. Very bold leaders don’t need affirmation as much but the rest of us feel a bit like we are walking through a mine field. It can be dicey.

I am glad to know that we are moving forward in the same direction. This is a great team. I get a lot of encouragement from them. We are exploring vision together. It’s going to be great.

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