when the vision requires more

I am in a really good spot right now. God has put some very defined ambitions in my heart. I don’t have the resources to get the job done. So, God is challenging me to trust Him. This is a good spot.

What do we do when the vision requires more than we possess?
Bible lesson time:
I Kings 4 tells the story of a poor widow who was about to lose everything. She had exhausted all of her resources and her two sons were about to be conscripted into slavery. Her vision was to keep her family together and to make her family’s future secure. But she did not have the resources to make this happen.

She spoke to Elisha, the prophet. He asked her a very simple question: “What do you have in your house?” Although this question must have seemed off point, she responded: “nothing but a little oil.” He instructed her to borrow as many oil containers as she could get her hands on and start pouring the little oil that she had. She followed the order and a miracle occurred. As she poured the oil, it multiplied. From one small container of oil, she and her sons filled multiple containers. They did this until all the containers they had collected were filled. Her vision was fulfilled.

What God is asking me is, “What do you have in your house?” He is wanting me to offer to Him whatever I have, trust Him, be willing to invest what He has provided. I believe that, if I follow the orders, He will do whatever is necessary in order to provide the resources required to fulfill the vision He has given me. I plan to obey.

This is a good place. It is exciting when the vision God gives you requires more than you currently possess. It means we must trust Him. It means we must grow. It means the vision will be fulfilled.

This is a very good place.

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