no more money, please

I am going to say something you may have never heard a pastor say before: Stop sending money. (For Project Peru – that is!)

A few months ago, we spread the word that we were headed to Peru, in part, to assist Pastor Darius Lopez as he cares for 330 needy children in his Ministry Center in Lima. We set a goal of $5,000. I am glad to say that we have reached our goal! Thanks to the generous giving of several people, including family and friends of Maranatha Church, as well as complete strangers who heard about the project, we have met our goal.

One woman who follows me on Twitter heard about what we are doing and made a donation online. If she reads this, she needs to know the cool thing that has happened. If you gave any amount, you are part of a life-saving ministry. If you were unable to give but you prayed, you are also part of a great thing that God is doing. Thank you all, very much.

You may stop giving now. In a few weeks, we will begin a new project that you can jump into, if you like.

On May 25, I plan to deliver the money we raised to Pastor Lopez. Thank you and thank God!

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