what can you do for God that only you can do for God?

When you are finished reading this, take a few minutes to watch the family video devotional below. This is the next in the series that we are producing as part of our 30 Days to Save Your Family series at the Gardens campus of Maranatha.

What are you good at? What gifts and talents do your possess? Now what might God want you to do with those abilities that will bring honor to Him? He does not give you a talent just so you can enjoy it. The purpose behind every gift is the sharing of that gift. I have always heard it stated this way: we are blessed to be a blessing.

If God has given you money, he expects you to share it. If you can sing, sing for God. If you are wise, don’t use that wisdom to gain the respect of others, use it to help others. This is a biblical concept and one that will result in great fulfillment.

Now utilize these ideas as they apply to your family. Check out the video devotional. Let me know what you think.


Family Ministry – Pastor Rick from Maranatha Church on Vimeo.

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