am i addicted?

As part of our current teaching series at Maranatha Church, we developed a list that you may find helpful. It addresses the topic of addictions and recovery.

Be honest with yourself and with God.

How do I know if my habit is a harmful addiction?
Here are 10 questions you can ask to help you determine if your habit is a destructive addition:

Does it impair my judgment?
Does it numb my pain?
Does it enable me to cope?
Does it hurt other people?
Am I overly defensive/sensitive about it?
Do I tell myself and others that I can quit any time I want?
Does it create a false sense of well being or courage?
Does is cover or hide an inadequacy in me?
Do I regret it after the fact?
Is it a replacement for God in my life – in other words – am I asking this habit to do for me what God wants to do for me?

Answer “yes” to one or more of these and you may have an addiction that needs to be addressed.

Get help now.

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