Guatemala trip update

We just returned to the States with a team of eleven from a one week missions trip to Guatemala. We provided a camp experience for the children of Casa Shalom orphanage and ministered to the nutritional needs of the children of Rio Bravo. Our team carried in nearly 1000 pounds of new shoes and clothes for the kids.

While the trip was very successful, our flight to Central America was quite an adventure. We hit severe turbulence and got tossed around in the sky like a football. Due to bad weather, we could not land in Guatemala City but were diverted to El Salvador. After a few hours layover, we were able to get to our destination only to discover we had lost one piece of luggage. I am glad to say that things only improved once we arrived at Shalom.

As is always the case during these trips, we were overwhelmed by the needs of the children. There is abject poverty and hunger across the country. We were able to address some of the needs and we feel as though we accomplished our goals. There is a mountain of work that remains to be done.

Thanks to our team: Charlie, Amy, Colton, Andrew, Allie, Than, Megan, David and Allie as well as those who supported the trip through prayer and donations.

We didn’t do anything spectacular; there were no heroes on the trip. We didn’t play Jesus. All we did was walk through a door that God opened. You don’t have to go on a trip to help someone. We are surrounded by need. How do you plan to address those needs?

If you would like to see more pictures of the trip, I’ll try to post some in a day or so.

It’s good to be home.

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