surprised by wisdom

I am pleasantly surprised by the response to our new teaching series – Sage: Activating the Book of Proverbs. Last week’s messages were very well received and there has been lots of dialogue since. I am not surprised that people recognize the need for wisdom; it is the enthusiasm that caught me off guard. Let’s roll with it!

Tomorrow, I plan to cover chapters 10-17 of Proverbs and do a compare/contrast presentation of wisdom vs. foolishness. We are excited about it. I hope that everyone within driving distance of Maranatha Church will come to one of our three services. Check out the details here.

One added feature of the series: We are including a daily “Proverb of the Day” on our facebook page. If you have yet to become a friend of Maranatha on facebook, do so today. And how about recommending us to a friend?

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