gearing up for Haiti

I am planning a long-anticipated trip to Port au Prince, Haiti from August 28-September 3. Just over six months ago, a devastating earthquake rocked the entire country and recovery is still in the foundational stages. With the help of a connection and friend there, a team of eight pastors (including J Simms, our Executive Pastor) will go to do hands-on ministry for one week. We don’t plan to preach or do pastor stuff. Our work will be manual labor. Since our construction skills are limited at best, I expect we will be digging foundations and carrying cement block.

Our church responded in amazing fashion immediately following the quake. We now hope to go the second mile and invest ourselves more deeply in helping Haiti.

In a few days, we will launch a fund-raising effort for this trip. Our tickets are paid for, so every penny that is donated will go directly to assist the Haitian people. We hope to take a good amount of supplies for those in need, along with money to help them with practical needs.

Will you be praying with me and listening for details on how you can get involved? I will have a lot more specifics later this week. Thanks so much.


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