what, do you think it’s your birthday or something?

It is. My birthday, that is. Well not until tomorrow, July 29. Letha and I have some very special plans to celebrate. We will start with an early banana and yogurt breakfast, I’ll hit the shower and be gone by 8:00. I have an all-day denominational meeting. During the day, I will grab a quick lunch and dinner with her and then be right back at it tomorrow night. We have a worship service to be at from 7:00 until around 10:00. In all, I’ll spend 12-14 hours doing church stuff.

Last year, I spent my birthday on Pike’s Peak in Colorado. That was one amazing trip. This year I am a church meeting.

That’s OK, I don’t mind. I get to see my wife a couple times during the day. I get to see some of my best friends. I even get to eat out for a meal or two.

Happy birthday to me!

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