life changes fast

Last night, we enjoyed a really great time with our immediate family. This is a special and rare treasure for us. In fact, these times only happen every few years. I consider my immediate family as me and Letha, Jessica and Josh (daughter and son-in-law) and Richard, Janet and Grace (nephew, his wife and their daughter). As we were eating a nice meal around our table, I thought that this is the first time that we weren’t missing someone in a long time.

Only a few years ago, 8 to be exact, Letha and I and Jessica and Rich were enjoying happy days in Minnesota. Now, none of us live there. Richard moved to China for four years, met and married Janet and then Grace came along. Jessica went to school in Tennessee, married Josh and now they live and minister in Guatemala. Thankfully, Rich joined our church staff a couple of months ago and Jessica and Josh are itinerating in the States for a few weeks – so we all get to be together for a short while.

I’m telling you, embrace your family when you can be together. Time flies and things change fast. I am soaking this up.

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