still trying to recover

I know I’m going to sound like a whiny butt but I am still trying to catch my breath from Sunday. We had our usual 3 morning worship services at Maranatha and I was privileged to be able to speak in them all. But Sunday evening took on a life of itself. I was asked to speak at Central New Testament Church in Mangonia Park, Florida. As part of my denominational responsibilities, I was asked to install a new pastor. The former pastor, Bishop Alonzo Palmer passed away after 60 years of ministry and 30 years at CNT.

This church is primarily a Jamaican/American church. Their worship reflects their culture and time is not an issue. The service lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes. They introduced me at around 8:30 PM. I was hungry, tired, sweaty (it was hot in there) and I needed a shave. Remember, I had preached first at 8:00 AM at our Palm Beach Shores location. It was 12 hours later and I was still going. Not having the strongest of preaching voices, and realizing that they wanted me to “preach”, I gave it all I had. About 20 minutes into the message, I felt my voice going. But I finished strong and the people responded favorably.

I felt like crawling home that night, I got home around 10:15. It was a great experience but I am still feeling the effects. My voice is still scratchy.

God bless the great people at Central New Testament and Pastor Henry Wisdom!

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