I just believe that most people have a heart to help little children who are hurting. After all, you’d have to be a pretty big scoundrel to hear about hungry kids and not want to feed them – right?

“Heart” is not the problem. “Head” is the problem.

We’ve heard too much and seen too much. Too many stories of corruption and greed. Too much money going into the pockets of unscrupulous politicians. Our thinking get conflicted and our good hearts get overrun by our skepticism.

We started International Orphan Support in an effort to simplify. We want to cut out the red tape. Enough bureaucracy! We personally know kids who don’t have enough to eat. We’ve seen dirty, shoeless kids in the streets of Haiti and Central America. We know missionaries who live and work among these kids. And we can, without a lot of unnecessary baggage, make a difference.

I’ll ask a personal favor. Would you help us spread the word about what we are trying to do? If you want to send your friends a link to my blog, that would be great. Even better, just send them the link to the website for IOS. If you’re on facebook, “like” IOS on facebook.  A Twitterer? Here you go: IOS on Twitter. However you do it, here’s how it works: people hear the stories, they see the faces of the kids and they think, “I can help”. So they make a small donation (or a large one). And within the next few week, kids are eating food bought with that donation. Or they are sleeping in a bed bought with the money, or they are getting some much-needed medical  care. You get the idea.

Thanks for helping us get the word out! Bless you.

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