an ethics test

I feel like I’ve been to school this week. And I took a tough exam.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been challenged by someone who has been trying hard to get me to do something that I did not agree with. There was a lot of pressure to be involved in an activity that goes against what I know is right. This person was not trying to get me to do something illegal or immoral. But I did not feel right doing the thing and there was some coercion going on.

I searched my heart to be sure that I was not simply being stubborn. Letha and I prayed sincerely that God would clearly show us if we were missing something.  But in the end, I know deep in my heart what God wants. And it is not to be manipulated into doing something that I do not believe in.

Thankfully, I stood my ground this week and would not be influenced. And the person trying to do the influencing is angry. I don’t like it when people are angry at me but I feel such a lightening of the load.

While my decision to stick by my ethics will cost me in the short-term, I fully believe that God will reward my staying true to what I know is right. This is an ethics thing. I have to stay submitted to God and I have to remain honest with myself. There is no price that could be worth compromising those things.

4 Replies to “an ethics test”

  1. Good stuff Rick. These are timely words and I am sure a lot of Christ followers struggle with areas like these. Even distractions that seem harmless can be just that- distractions to take us away from other things God has for us to do. And we need the internal discernment to know what is good and right for us, and what God would not have us be part of. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love to you and Letha!

  2. I sometimes think ethics questions are the worst. Moral and legal ones tend to have simpler (though still not simple) answers.

    I also have yet to walk away from an ethically questionable situation without the person requesting the behavior being deeply personally offended…much more so than legal or moral situations. I think it’s because ethical questions tend to leave so much more room for gray areas and personal interpretation.

    Anger is never a welcome reaction, but I’ve come to think their anger is more an expression of offense at their own behavior being questioned, even if you’re not doing so directly. The anger may give way to some positive results.

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