We are about 27 hours out of Guatemala. After only 1 week there, my heart and head are full. 7 friends spent our time serving children in two locations: Rio Bravo Feeding Center and Casa Shalom Orphanage.  The little guy in the picture lives in a shack next to the center in Rio Bravo, along with his mom and at least 4 other siblings. They have nothing.

This little boy kind of represents our trip. We visited him, served him and, hopefully made his day a little better. I hope he knows that Jesus loves him. We were there to be a blessing to little ones like him. The result was, we were the ones who were blessed.

I am stirred by God’s command to take care of those who are without. Psalms 82:3 says, “Defend the weak and the orphans; defend the rights of the poor and suffering.” (NCV) We are honored to have the opportunity to try to make a difference. I hope we did and will continue to.

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  1. wow! I think I’d spend half the time in tears pastor Rick. It’s wonderful to be apart of a body that helps heal the oppressed. God bless them

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