help me stop whining

I’ve been complaining more than normal recently, looking for some indicators that we are accomplishing something in our work in ministry. Specifically, I’ve been looking for life-change in some kind of a measurable sense. I have been concerned about the lack of apparent fruit-bearing that we are experiencing.

In the last few days, I have gotten an ear and eye full:

One young couple has been impassioned by a recent missions trip. They are burning with a desire to do more.

One guy stepped up and did a phenomenal job in fulfilling a responsibility at church that, honestly, I was wondering if anyone would do.

Another guy shared with me some specific and sizable changes that he and his family are experiencing regarding their commitment to God, and he credits the ministry of the church for the progress.

One guy told me on Sunday that, less than 24 hours after he and I prayed together for work for him, he received a brand new contract.

I also had younger guy remind me that whether or not we can see and measure the results of ministry, if we are faithful in the process of the work (plowing, planting, fertilizing or harvesting), we would be participants in the fruit-bearing.

This is the life-change, the evidence I’ve been jonesin’ for. Thanks, God!

Any other stories you want to add to help stop my whining?

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