lead strong(er)

Here is an over-simplified explanation of leadership:

1. Determine a goal or destination.

2. Gather others to go with you.

3. Get there.

(The order of #s 1 and 2 may be interchangeable.)

In this age of independent thinking, anti-organizational mentality and mistrust of leadership, these steps are harder to accomplish than they used to be. Leading is a tough business.

So what’s a leader to do when faced with the very real challenges that become tumultuous daily occurrences?

Lead Strong(er)!

Leading stronger is not becoming a bully. It is not talking louder or pushing harder or threatening followers.

Leading stronger is a very delicate balance of finesse and courage. It is a blending of vision and servitude. Strong leadership is part chemistry and part artistry. Specifics depend on the culture of the organization and the prognosis of the issue being faced.

Leading stronger is assessing the validity of the vision. It is vowing to serve those whom you have been appointed to lead. It is committing on a deeper level to those who are being served. Leading stronger means more dedication to the task assigned by God.

Being a strong(er) leader means having the courage to identify the need, it means being decisive regarding direction, being visionary regarding solutions and being resolved regarding overcoming opposition.

The truth is, there are not enough people going the right direction. There is too much evil in the world. The battle between hope and despair is still being decided. Someone needs to rise up. Strong leaders are needed, now more than ever!

When strong leadership is called for, and everyone agrees there is a dire need for it, leaders have to step up and examine the tough question:

Am I strong enough to take us where we need to go?

If not, you have two options: toughen up or quit.

Please don’t quit.

The day demands robust leaders. The spoils will go to the ones who endure. Lead strong, my friends!

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