the easy way out

When you see an injustice – keep your mouth closed.

When surrounded by corruption, ignore it.

Suck up to the rich and powerful.

Let your convictions be determined by popular vote.

Wait to see the direction of the crowd, then follow.

Be a social chameleon.

Listen to gossip.

Turn your head on abuse.

Cave to pressure.

Feed your temptations.

Don’t rock the boat.

Cook the books.

Be greedy.

Don’t get involved.

Cower to bullies.

Put money ahead of people.

True, it would be easier if we just went along with what other people want. It would be better if everybody liked us. But good luck sleeping at night.

This is the right time to speak up for the right thing, the right way.

2 Replies to “the easy way out”

  1. My neighbor has a dog and is training it so it doesn’t nibble at your toes (it’s a tiny dog). So, we were talking as she walked her dog and the dog kept trying to nibble at my toes.I told her it didn’t bother me, but she insisted that the dog stop because she wanted to teach it how to behave properly.

    About the same time, my daughter asked me if she could share some chocolate covered pretzels with the neighbors kids. My daughter said that it was ok with the children’s mother (the dog owner). I said sure! Later I found out that my neighbor didn’t want her kids to have them so I asked my daughter about it in front of the neighbor. The neighbor then tried to white wash the situation essential saying not to discipline for that (lying)! Essentially, she was telling me that it wasn’t ok for her dog to do certain things, but her kids it was ok!?!?

    I didn’t stand for it. I took my little girl in the house and instructed her about lying (to which we had many conversations about and are working on with her). It’s important that we paint our children’s worldview with the gospel including those who don’t believe in it too.

  2. Jimmy. I love it. Easier to turn a blind eye to our kids natural tendencies..but much harder in the long run. You’re a great dad with a good heart. And I’m glad you neighbor’s dog isn’t a Doberman.

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