headed out

On Sunday afternoon, a team of 10 of us leave for a short-term missions trip. We are traveling to Central America, Nicaragua and Guatemala to be specific, to work at a couple of orphanages. We have a great team in place and we are stoked about the trip.

Although I will attempt a post or two from there, I am guessing there won’t be much new until we return. I have post-dated a couple of things that will show up every few days. Upon our return, you can expect a few pics and some video. And probably some passion that always follows trips like this.

We appreciate your prayers!

One Reply to “headed out”

  1. Can’t wait for the pictures! Each time I see those faces I am left with feelings of such hope for the things to come for them. Don’t you wish you praised God the way they do – WITH ALL THEIR HEART! God is blessing all of us with our missionaries and it is a reminder to all of us the many blessings we already have received. Be well and God be with you all!

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