a soft heart

I know I’m worn down when my heart is not soft. When I haven’t been praying and meditating like I should, my cynical attitude starts showing up. Pessimism is partner to weariness. The problem is, it takes me a while to catch on. I am usually down the road a bit before I realize what is happening.

One of the things that is most effective in keeping me tenderhearted is serving. When I am able to reach out to someone who is needy, it cleans me up. Helping an old person or providing something special for an orphan is a sure-fire answer. A random act of kindness also does the trick.

Since many people have discovered that serving actually makes them feel better, they wish to serve. Ironically, they serve with a selfish motive. A soft heart can’t be the goal of serving, but it certainly is a requirement to serve. And it is definitely a result.

I’ve been praying that God will soften my heart. I need to do the things that result in tenderness of heart. A soft heart is pliable and moldable by God. He works in and through tender hearts. Maybe He will use our current missions trip as a catalyst for me.

What will He use in your heart?

One Reply to “a soft heart”

  1. I know that when I am away all day and night at work and I think of my two little men, my heart gets tender thinking how I will not see them this day. Then I think of what it would feel like if i never saw them again. That thought then moves on to my entire family, friends,etc. My heart gets tender and I think how short life is e.g. a vapor. I look at myself, my motives and I think, “What the heck am I doing?” I then realize what really matters and am quickly reminded to live life like a “loose garment”. Someone said stress and anxiety is taking on the things God never intended us to have in the first place. Good tip! For me…my heart, which has the ability to get pretty chilly, is softened quick with such thoughts. P.S. Glad you are well…we will be in prayer for you all.

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