rick, barrack and john

On Saturday, Rick Warren from Saddleback Church will interview the two presidential candidates. This nationally televised event is one of the more interesting twists in this ever evolving and never ending election. Warren sent out an email to various pastors asking for opinions and feedback. He asks, “What question would you ask both candidates if you had the chance?” He literally wants us to send him ideas about questions to ask, I think that is pretty cool.

He ends his email with: “We’re in this together. I also ask you to pray I’ll have the necessary wisdom. This will be an historic event. Never have the two candidates been interviewed by a pastor in a church. It will be a great day for all churches, showing the importance of the local church being at the civil table.”

We should pray for Pastor Rick. He is risking a lot by conducting this interview. People from both sides will accuse him of being partisan. I don’t think that will bother Warren, he seems to be secure in who he is and what he stands for. The next morning (Sunday), he plans to preach a message called, “The Kind of Leadership America Needs.” I am guessing he will have a sizeable audience, even larger than normal. I am also expecting that he will disappoint many when he keeps himself out of political hot water.

You can learn more about this event at saddlebackcivilforum.com

So, given the chance, what would you ask these two candidates?

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