I was reading Bob Coy’s book, Dreamality. Bob is the Lead Pastor at Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has an incredible success story going. In his book, he has a great chapter on stewardship, or the concept that all of our resources belong to God and we simply steward or take care of these resources for a short while.

Let me share a couple of things from the chapter:

“Records show that in a year’s time, Americans have been known to spend:

$110 billion on fast food.
$85 billion on lawns and gardens
$64 billion on soft drinks
$38 billion on state lotteries
$36 billion on vending machine products
$24 billion on jewelry
$23 billion on toys
$20 billion on cosmetics
$13 billion on chocolate
$7.1 billion on greeting cards
$600 million on teeth-whitening products

Consider these startling amounts in light of a few random bits of information, on what it costs to support life in another country.

· Just under $20 will feed a family of four for four weeks in Iraq.
· For $800 you can build a house in Nicaragua, and $25 will feed a family of four for a month.”
(p. 39)

Wow, thanks, Bob for putting some things in perspective. Makes me want to give more away.

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