heartbreaking hopelessness

Recently, I had the experience of escorting someone to court. This was not traffic court, it was for more serious offenders. It was a rather disturbing experience. It had been a while since I was among so many people who were so disrespected. These were mostly young people and most were minorities. The behavior of some of these individuals was a little surprising, considering that they were in trouble. I assumed that they would at least pretend to show honor to the court and judge but this was not the case.

I was struck by the despair in the place. While I am trying to create some optimism, some of these people are in no-win situations. Anything short of a miracle and many of these kids are headed nowhere fast. I do realize that much of the bravado is posing, what appears to be tough and hard hearted is really repressed fear and insecurity. My heart goes out to them. And I am wondering how in the world that people who know Christ can ever reach them.

I do know this – these are exactly the kind of people that Jesus hung out with. These were the people that Jesus chose as friends. So it is possible to reach them. And that is what keeps them from being hopeless. Now all they need is some time with Jesus. Or some of Jesus’ friends who are willing to do what He did.

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