I am collecting ideas for some upcoming ministry opportunities at Maranatha Church. In a few weeks, we are beginning a new message series about reaching out and sharing the love of God in practical ways. We will be promoting various projects to try to get everyone involved in a ministry activity. We hope to accomplish most of this outside of our church building.

We already have in mind various ideas: nursing homes, homeless shelters, short-term missions trip, beach and park clean up, something for the troops…

Please feel free to throw in a couple of ideas. We are compiling a list. It would be awesome if you could contribute to the list.



3 responses to “ideas

  • TheHansonsinGuatemala

    I think you should do an outreach to the Hispanic workers in the area. Got anyone who can translate?Maybe you could also do outreach to single mothers? Bring them goceries, do yard work, etc.

  • Sharon Seldow

    Pastor, just up the road at Eisenhower on Sundays is a group of Guatemalans (I believe) who meet for worship – I love Jessica’s idea – and if we can’t find someone in our church who can translate – I would bet there would be someone there who could – not to mention – seeking their participation in a group effort maybe. Also, I would love to see an outreach to our own community for ANYBODY who might need assistance with things like lawnwork, maybe house painting, things like that. I live in Cabana Colony and there are many elderly (not in nursing homes) who would love some assistance and would accept anything we could offer. Sharon Seldow

  • Paul Salvo

    I know this may sound kinda “out of the box”, I really don’t try to be “out there”, but I had read in one of my ministry books a few years ago about a church that did free oil changes for people in their community. Not that I know how to change oil, but the philosophy behind performing a task such as this, is that it served poeple in a way unlike most ways churches typically serve. Don’t get me wrong…the homeless, elderly, etc. are important and should be served; however, in thinking of our economy and the financial crisis many people are in, I wonder how Maranatha can be used to serve in a non-traditional, yet tangible way, like an oil change? Ya know???

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