more with less

Efficiency. It’s the name of the game when the economy stinks like it does. Everybody I know is trying to figure out how to make life happen with fewer resources. Either escalating costs or reduced income (or both) is hammering the average family. So we are focused in on trying to save some money.

But efficiency is more than just spending less money. That is not the entire point of efficiency. If it was, we would just buy less food and gas. What we are trying to do is get more for our money. $2.00 for chicken is not enough information. How many pounds of chicken? If it is one pound, not so great, if it is five pounds, now that’s efficiency. Energy efficiency is not just burning less fuel. It’s going more miles on less fuel. The idea isn’t just to spend less. It’s getting more while spending less.

Make the spiritual application. Can we expect to receive more if we invest less? Can we give God fewer hours than we used to and expect Him to provide more of what we need. Thankfully, with God, it isn’t necessarily a matter of how many hours or how many dollars. If our hearts are right, and God knows if they are or not, we can offer to God our best and He will take care of the rest.

I know a few folks who are struggling with giving God the tenth that belongs to Him. Times are tough and budgets are stretched. Surely God doesn’t mind if I give Him less than 10%! The problem isn’t the percentage, the problem is the quality of what we are offering God – less than our best. You can give God 20% but if it isn’t your best, you are missing the point. By the way, I know of a couple of people who are upset because they are making less and they have less to give – their 10% is less than what it was last year. Again, God wants your best, whatever that adds up to being. 10% is just the starting point. That’s minimal. God wants your whole heart.

Here is a really nice thought about efficiency. Little becomes much when you give it to God. He can bring more from less. Give God what He is due and He will surprise you with what He does with it.

God is omni-efficient.

2 Replies to “more with less”

  1. I saw this blog you wrote a few days ago and have to admit, “I ignored it quickly!!!” Though you weren’t talking about me, it sure felt like it. I thank God for his Holy Spirit and have to publicly admit…I am one of the ones who have been struggling with my tithe. Though I thought I had learned this lesson; it all started back when I over drafted our bank account. Though my tithe was the first check I wrote, it ended up being the last one to go through. I thought I had budgeted correctly, but I didn’t and I ended up having to pay a stiff penalty (almost triple the tithe amount) and I have been using this incident ever since to justify the action to not give. I thought to myself, surely God understands. Work has been rather slow for the past year, I’ve had to borrow, the bills keep piling up and the creditors keep calling. Having two kids and a wife at home is hard for a young couple to survive living in Palm Beach County. Nevertheless, I justified my actions and tried to get on with my life.What I love about the Lord is He never lets my drift too far. He is faithful in letting me know, sometimes through blogs like this, that my real struggle isn’t in giving a hundred bucks a week, rather, my struggle is in recognizing that none of the paycheck I receive is mine. I know through God’s Word that when I hold back, I “rob” God of what is ALL His. The trick, clearly from Satan himself, is to convince us that we’re just responsibly holding back some money for a good cause, when in fact, I am really taking back my own will and not following God’s. Instead of being a disciple that surrenders all, while I praise with my lips I deny with my actions. Sunday after Sunday, in this small tangible way, I show God that I won’t and that I don’t trust Him. I feel like Peter who says he would die for Jesus, then sells him out in his time of need. Anyhow, I am confident that my conviction tonight stems from God’s love and His desire for my disobedience to not continue. I write to announce this act of disobedience as the sin in my life that, as stated in Hebrews 12, so easily entangles. I also know that you Pastor Rick, out of love for the church desire’s for us to be hot and not “lukewarm”. Nevertheless, this economic crisis, along with the tithe is not about money…it’s about faith, trust and obedience. Please hold this sheep accountable, for I constantly wander off.

  2. hysterical – but oooo – so true. God is Omni-efficient!!! Who came up with that term?? Letha?? Good stuff!! Hear the whispers and you are considered faithful. I’ve been trying to convince myself the whisper wasn’t making sense… and then there’s that last gentle nudge…Thanks for the continual guidance and willingness to “love” us into receiving a major blessing. God doesn’t care if it’s $20.00 or $20,000. It’s a decimal point to him, but to Him and us – it’s a heart issue…Keep it up!! We need to hear it more often. and Letha – keep up on the cool words…

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