Mr. Freddie

Last week, I visited a nursing center where our church conducts ministry. After the service, they had a little party for the residents there and they were playing some nice, old school jazz and swing music. One of the residents, “Mr. Freddie”, got up and danced all around. He was a very good dancer, quite smooth. Someone pointed out to me that Mr. Freddie has to get around with a walker, except when he is dancing. This really peaked my curiosity. A little later, I went over and introduced myself. Mr. Freddie told me that he used to be a professional dancer. During WW II, he and a team of several other young people traveled around the country entertaining soldiers who had been injured and were in military hospitals. His eyes sparkled as he talked about it.

When Mr. Freddie was finished dancing and talking with me, he grabbed his walker and hobbled down the hall to his room.

I am amazed that a man who can’t walk without assistance can dance. I am intrigued by the power of the joy he receives from dancing. And I am wondering how to capture that joy.

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