Galatians 6:17

I bear on my body the marks of Jesus. (NIV)

This is a shocking verse. Paul is reminding us that he has suffered and been physically persecuted because he was a Christ follower. He had everyday reminders of the price that he had paid for being a Christian.

I wonder what the nature of his scars were?
How many scars, or what permanent damage had been done to him?
I wonder about the emotional scars that had to accompany the physical ones.
I wonder if, when he looked at a particular scar, if he recalled the specific time and place, and who put that scar on him?

The Contemporary English Version says, “On my own body are scars that prove I belong to Christ Jesus.”

Now I wonder if there is visible proof that I belong to Jesus. I have no scars except a few emotional ones. And after reading about what Paul suffered (II Corinthians 11:25-28), I have no right to claim any scars.

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