Tonight I had the opportunity to speak at the 7th anniversary of a church about 15 miles south of us. My friend, Trevor, serves as the pastor. The church is a Jamaican church and I have visited with them several times before tonight.

Tonight’s service was pretty typical for their church. Probably 20 people there, a very small and run-down building. They always start late, tonight it was a good hour later than advertised. They sang very old songs but with a really cool reggae style rhythm. All of the ladies wore dresses and hats and one elderly woman played the drums, it was awesome.

They expect you to preach for a long time. Tonight, I only talked for about 45 minutes. I think they were disappointed, but they were gracious about it. It was nearly 9:45 when the service ended. Just before they dismissed, the pastor leaned over the me and told me that he had to go to work, he would catch up with me later. I was pretty humbled to think that he would be working at his job while I was home sleeping.

Congrats for 7 years of faithful ministry! Bethel means “house of God”. Great name, God bless them.

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