We are half way through our message series entitled wecanshareit.org. I hope you get a chance to check out the web site. Especially take some time to read some of the daily blogs. Several church staff members, friends and guests have written some great posts. Some real inspiration can be gained. Feel free to add a comment!

We are getting excited about our connected projects. On or around November 16, most of the people from our church are heading out after our worship services to share. We will be doing some neighborhood cleanup, visiting nursing centers, throwing a block party for a needy community, giving out water to immigrant landscape workers, and a variety of other care-focused opportunities. The goal is not to do a project. We are hoping to begin the process of lifestyle change.

It is inspiring to see people getting mobilized. People are catching the vision. Lives are changing.

Join in with wecanshareit.org. Not just the series, the lifestyle.

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