the economy is sounding better

While the news is still awful regarding our economic situation in American and in the world, and while the forecast is not calling for a turn-around any time soon, I am hearing some really encouraging things from some people I know.

Just this week I have heard people say:
“Maybe this is a chance for us to get our priorities straight.”
“Maybe we are starting to figure out what is really important in life.”
“We have been so shallow for so long, possibly we can grow up a little.”

To me, this is really good news. I think it is both a mark of character and a gift from God when, in difficult times, people see beyond their temporary pain and realize the good that can come from it.

I do know this, people in our community are much more open to spiritual matters now than they were 3 or 4 years ago. The greatest change in our lifestyles is related to finances.

So I have to say, although painful, this recession may be a good thing.

What is it that comes up from inside a person when times get tough?
I believe it is the resiliency that God puts within people.
As cynical and skeptical as we are, there is something deep inside most of us that keeps us looking for things to get better and looking for real meaning in life.
I believe that thing inside is hope.
And I believe that hope will see us through.

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