giving is showing up everywhere

On our day off on Friday, we went to lunch at one of our favorite spots, a taco trailer. That’s right, we eat off the street (not literally) every chance we get. For any Mexican food fiends out there in south Florida, the place is Taco Al Carbon on the corner of Military Trail and Lake Worth. The neighborhood is not great and the cleanliness factor is sketchy, at best. But we love the food and that’s what counts.

Anyway, while we were there on Friday, a local organization was conducting a giveaway for Christmas. Toys for kids and clothes for adults were the featured items.

I am seeing it more and more.
The local news is covering it.
A radio station is promoting a plan to send gifts to military personnel overseas.
More organizations are leading the way.
More generosity, more selflessness, more giving.
I think this is another indication that people are not giving up because of the recession.
In fact, they are simply giving because of the recession.

We are making less money and some experts are saying that giving is going to drop. I am hoping that people will become more generous as they see needs increasing.

Another indicator that this economic crisis may just be good for us. Just maybe we are starting to focus on the really important stuff.

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