a strange subculture

This week, I finally got active on Facebook. I signed up a couple of years ago but wasn’t interested in taking the time to jump in. Since the church is now using it to communicate, I figured that it was time. It is a little more than I bargained for. It appears to me that there are lots of people with lots of time on their hands. And my question is: how do you handle friend requests from people with whom you do not want to be friends? Seems rude to ignore them. Seems dumb to accept!

On a much more logical note, we are getting all set for our Good Friday events tomorrow. Journey to the Cross is from 5-7 and then our worship service will begin. We are really excited to welcome Clayton and Linette Watson from The Sanctuary Church in DeLand Florida as our guests. Clayton will speak and I am sure that he will do an awesome job. He is a good friend and I really hope that lots of people come out to hear him minister.

Easter is here. It will be one of the best weekends of the year. For more info, check us out on our web site.

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