happy Resurrection

We enjoyed a very good Easter weekend at Maranatha. It is difficult to determine success in ministry, I believe that it is only in the long run that we will be able to measure whether or not things worked. In the short view, we had a successful season. If numbers mean anything (and they do because they represent souls), we succeeded.

Lots of people worked very hard in order to see the plans fulfilled. Our staff did a stellar job. The volunteers, and there were lots of them, worked diligently. We are grateful.

This stretch of ministry can be exhausting on a church. I think we did well. I believe that we gave our best. And I believe that we were faithful to preach and display the Gospel.

Jesus is alive! He lives in us. And we have plans to make Him known to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.

Thanks, Maranatha, for making Easter 2009 awesome. Thanks, God for making Easter possible.

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