it’s working!

Today I saw life change happening right before my eyes. If you know anything about Maranatha, you know how passionate we are about seeing people turn around. It is our focus; it is what God has called us to do.

Without getting specific, (out of respect for issues of confidentiality) I witnessed some very cool transitions in more than one life. The stories are bouncing around. Some families that had all-but-given-up are trying again and finding that God is on their side. Some pretty hopeless situations are pivoting. People are surrendering their lives.

I have to say, while this is not all about me, it comes at a crucial time. For the past several months, I have been very concerned about what appeared to be little lasting impact of the ministry. We were plugging along and being faithful, but there was little observable results. It seemed like nothing was happening. Our leadership team prayed about it and discussed it. We strategized. I was discouraged about it. And now it seems that God is coming through. Maybe this stuff was happening all along and we were just not hearing about it. Either way, it is awesome to see so much progress.

It is working. The vision is being fulfilled. God is doing it. And I am glad. Now to get more momentum going…

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